Friday, August 11, 2017


THE four steps and in this order always seem to be:

1. Prayer and Fast
 2. Then Opportunity - Doors open
 3. Opposition arrives on the scene.
 4. To quit

It takes enough energy to fast and pray, then we must conjure up more energy to press through with the opportunity, but at least we are where we wanted to be. It has taken allot of mental, physical and emotional energy and steadfastness, but we are there, or so we think! NOW  the least expected (although I don't know why) hits us, OPPOSITION and that is more than most can handle. After all I've been through to get here, now there are people (we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and wicked spirits in high places...) here that want to oppose me, why? "I'm tired of this, this is to difficult".  This third step is the nail in the coffin (so to speak). It is more than most can bare, but it is reality. You can count on it!  Always remember the sequence of events and then you will not be so taken back by them. First you will fast and pray, then, "yes" you will see doors open (and you'd better have a plan) and last you can count that when you at your last strength, then you will have to face opposition. When opposition comes the rebuilding of the wall slows down and then comes to a screeching halt.
     Secondly, did you notice that Nehemiah has a plan. He's prepared for God to move, just as he's equally prepared for opposition. He's not fasting and praying cause it's the "religious" thing to do, he's praying and fasting because he believes it will work. He so believes it will work that he has prepared in advance what to ask the King for when the opportunity arises.  Most of us would have stood there tongue tied in front of the king, in total disbelief that our prayer had actually been answered and we would not have known what to say. However, this is not the case with Nehemiah, he is prepared, he pretty much lays out a plan that has been well thought out.
     He's prepared for God to move and he's prepared for opposition.  "How can anyone ever prepare for opposition when you don't know what the opposition will be?", you may ask...Good question!  You can be prepared for opposition by being prepared mentally and spiritually. You can prepare with a resolve that there will be opposition (it's just a reality in the spiritual realm) and that you will have resolve to see the task through, in spite of the opposition.  Jesus says, "count the costs" before you enter into an endeavor for God, "count the costs" know full well what you are getting into, and once you do, prepare for opposition and have resolve to see it through.
     Next time you feel stirred for something remember these 3 steps and leave out the 4th.  First Pray and fast, then wait for the opportunity, have a plan, be ready and then wait for opposition to arrive, don't be got off guard when it comes and have an internal commitment, a resolve, intestinal fortitude, a spiritual tenacity, to see the matter, the task, the vision...through!