Sunday, August 27, 2017


Job is wanting a "one on one meeting" with God, to present his case before God. "Even till this day, my complaint is bitter". Job goes on to say. "Oh that I knew where I might find him".  Job is clear here, in this text, that if he could find God, he would go to Him and plea his case, and his complaint, before Him. Recently, I did such a thing, not with God of course, but with a utility company that I have a complaint with and wanting to state my case before them. I went in, quite irate and perturbed, to say the least. They did not make any promises to change and/or reverse any charges, but would consider. The difference between the utility company and God though, is I was able to bring information to them, that they were not privy of, so that may change their recourse. However, with God, what information are we going to bring to Him that He does not already have knowledge of? Many of us, I'm sure, have at one time or another, wished if we could just have a "one on one" with God, it would solve so much.  I think that when we are in "the thick of it" we loose sight of who God is. Job is a great man of God, a righteous man, but you can see that even Job, when he is going through it, regresses to the point of a new convert. Surely Job knows that God is Omniscient. Surely Job knows that God knows "his comings and his goings". Surely Job knows that before a word is even on his lips, God knows it. Surely Job knows that whether he ascends to the Highest Heavens or to the deepest depths, there the Lord is. Surely Job knows all this........So what is getting an audience before God and presenting his case to Him going to do? Absolutely nothing! The point is, when we are going through rough times we forget that God is very much aware of who's right and who's wrong, He's very much aware of our circumstance and He has taken the time to listen to every prayer we have uttered. Perhaps His response and/or lack of action on our part, seems like He has not heard or does not know all the details, but we have to know, God does. The point is, we really don't need a "one on one" with God (as much as I would like one myself), all we need to do is trust Him, keep praying, keep doing right and endure through the trial. Are you upset with God, do you have some complaints for Him, do you need to present some information to may want to reconsider, you may want to sit down, calm down and re-access who God is and think about this verse, "be still and know that I am God", are least favorite scripture in the bible.