Saturday, August 5, 2017


     NOTHING worse than waiting on somebody else.  Especially when you know (or at least think you know) where you are going. I'd rather take a side route, that my wife will be faithful to tell me, "took me longer" than sit and traffic and WAIT.  I'd rather give up something than have to WAIT.  Keep my waiting to long in a store to purchase my goods and you will lose that sale.  What is this wait thing anyway. I will never forget my months of training in the Marine Corps.  It was madness. They would rush us to the point of an anxiety attack and then when we arrived at the place the were rushing us off to with such urgency, then we sat and at times, waited for an hour before the event began.  Why am I waiting in line for so long when there are other cash registers sitting empty?  Why am I waiting for service at Walmart when I have gone there out of my time, I have gone there to spend my money on their goods, but yet I have been kept waiting in aisles for long periods of time, WAITING for someone, who apparently was called, to come assist me. I could go on and on but the key issue here is why am I waiting? And we can also throw into the mix, why am I waiting on God? Three times we are admonished to waif for the Lord.  Twice in Psalm 27 and then once in Proverbs 20 (if you read your reading for today!).  Has God recognized that his creation is a very impatient creation? Has God realized that we are not very good at waiting?  The answer must be decisively "yes" if we are admonished 3 times in one reading. I can barely stand to wait on people, like I mentioned earlier, especially when i think I know where I'm going, but do you think God might be worth waiting on?