Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Ezra is on his face, weeping and the people join him. Weeping is good....I guess, as long as once you get up, wipe your face and do something about it. The problem with tears is, they dry up and we go on with our lives with absolutely nothing changed. The revelation that we learn from this story today is that "radical disobedience requires radical obedience", to get back on track.  I am nauseous just reading about the decision these men make to divorce their pagan wives and send them away "with their children". Make no mistake, this was not an easy decision for this men to make. I don't know too many parents that don't love their children, this hurt and it hurt bad, at least for most of these men. This is amazing to see. Have you ever seen such a radical departure from disobedience?  Have you ever seen such a radical repentance? Have you ever seen such radical follow through, after the tears?  I have not! I see tears, I hear people sobbing in front of me, but very rarely to they ever go on and make any changes and/or decisions to put them on a the right path. They stay in the same place and do nothing. Then why come to me and cry, why come to me and sobb if you have no intentions on making any changes to your life and situation, why? why? why?!
The warning here is that for all the disobedience that you are living; know this, there is much hurt coming on the horizon, when you decide to do right, if you are sincere. People talk out of ignorance and/or foolishness when they say, "I will do wrong and then I will repent some day, God forgives".  People who speak like this are ignorant, at best. God does forgive (IF we are genuinely repentant) but the pain that will come will be more than they could have imagined. Is not obedience from the start, the best and wisest way? Obey now and reap the dividends later or disobey now and pay later, you choose which one works best for you!