Friday, February 10, 2017


 We like to encourage each other by often saying, "God always answers prayer", is that true?  It's comforting, but is it true?  Jesus says, "don't you think I can call on God now and he will send twelve legions of angels.....BUT, how then would the scriptures be fulfilled that say, it must happen this way?".   Our answer to this question would be, "ughhh....Lord I didn't think all that through, all I know is this is a bad situation and I want it to end...NOW!".  And God's reply would be, "okay, but if I intervene here, things will take a different course than I had planned".  There will be times where the Father will not intervene even though we ask.  Are you going to the cross? It could possibly be and it could possibly be that every day you pray, "hey, I'm not Jesus, so why don't you go a head and send those 12 Legions of Angels, if Jesus won't take them, then I will!!!"  Unfortunately, the Father's answer will but, "BUT then how would my will be fulfilled that I am trying to bring to pass...?"  And we may say, " I don't care about that!"  BUT unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) God does care and hopefully years gone by, we will appreciate that God did not intervene.  There's nothing wrong with crying out to God in a crisis, there's nothing wrong with praying, "God let this end today!"  Nothing wrong with that, what is wrong is when we get bitter at God because he does not answer our prayer, that is what's wrong.  "If any man want to follow me, let him deny himself and pick up his cross", Jesus said. Every true Christian has their unique crucifixion (so to speak) to go to and we are not like Jesus; we will cry out for him to intervene, not caring about the greater purpose behind our cross, BUT be prepared if he ignores your petitions and then pray, "then Father, give me the strength to endure through this if you're not sending the Legions of Angels, thank-you, yours truly __________ (fill in your name)".