Thursday, February 2, 2017


   If you were a neutral bystander listening to the ranting rages of the unrepentant sinner, you would hear something like this, " I have a hard time believing in a God who just wants to send everyone to hell; poor, helpless people, loving people, just trying their best with the lot they have been given in life and yet, all this God wants to do is send them to hell".  Pretty convincing eh! You might think after that, "yeah, that is pretty harsh, what is wrong with this God anyway".  However, best advice we can ever take heed to, is to listen to both sides of the story before we make a judgement. AND here in our text today (Feb 2) Jesus (God) gives his side of the story. "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a King who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. ......but they refused to come".  Wow!  That is completely different side of the story than what I've heard...what I've heard is people want to go to heaven but there is this mean and unjust God that just wants to send them to hell.  Well, there's TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY!  Which one are you going to believe? The sinner says, "they want to go, but God won't let them". God says, " I am inviting them and they're not interested, they're refusing to come".  My experience would lead me to believe that God's side of the story is true. But you say, "you're a Christian so obviously you will say that".  True, but "in my personnel experience" I would also say that.  Invite these same people to church, they will refuse.  Invite these same people to a prayer breakfast, paid for an all...and they will refuse.  Invite them to a bible study, with dinner included and they will refuse. Invite them to anything remotely related to God and they will refuse.  How do I know, cause I've tried all of the above! It's not that people want God and Heaven, it's just that they don't want hell.  "If Heaven and God is the only other option, than I guess....."  But the grimm reality is, the answer for the majority of the population is "no thanks, I'm not interested".  Are you interested in Heaven, in God or is it that you simply think it as a better option than the default package, ie: hell.  "I guess if it's hell or heaven, I'll take Heaven, but is there not another option, I mean, after all,  I don't want to be stuck in some long, eternal, boring church service for all eternity?"  The same people who would utter such foolishness are the same ones that judge God for being unjust and simply a God who loves sending people to hell, but the reality is, it is not that He is sending his creation there, His creation is willingly choosing to "opt out" and taking their chances on the default package. Right now is the time to "opt in" or "opt out" for your annual Health Insurance Renewal.  Many will look at the value of their insurance costs, then they will evaluate the benefits and many this year will "opt out" and say, "it's not worth the cost" I will take my chances....This is where humanity is today, they are looking at the costs vs. the benefits of Heaven (in a way a fire insurance policy for the soul) and many and I mean many, are choosing to "opt out" and take their chances.  What will you do?  Will you "opt in" this year or "opt out"?