Monday, February 13, 2017


Jesus refuses to drink the cup of Vinegar, mixed with Gall (Bitterness).  He tastes it, but refuses to drink it, when later on he is presented again, with a drink (vs. 47) now the Gall has been left out and he drinks.  Jesus has defeated immorality, he has conquered the temptation of revenge, power, greed and even the temptation to lash back out and kill. But he most importantly must be triumphant over Gall. Jesus chose the bird He created, the Dove as His representation of the Spirit that would descend upon Him when he is being baptized by John. The Dove, a bird with no Gall, no desire to retaliate, a peaceful bird that no matter how much the Dove is provoked, does not retaliate. Jesus is 99.9% victorious, He is near death, but He must win this final quest before He can die. "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do", and he refuses to drink the cup of bitterness that is being offered to him, even at The Cross and now He is 100% victorious over sin. "It is finished", he says, and He bows his head totally victorious.  This is the victory we must each possess before we die. While many of us have been victorious over drugs, alcohol, immorality, the one sin that the Church is struggling with is bitterness & resentment. We have been able to get victory over so much, but will this sin, this vice be the one that gets us at, or brings us to.... our death. The Church of Jesus Christ is filled with bitter people.  Bitter at their brother, bitter at their wife, their husband, bitter towards their Pastor or previous Pastor, bitter towards their Church, their employer, bitter towards their Government, bitter towards their father, mother, mother-in-law, does the list ever end? Why do we drink the cup of Gall that is presented to us? Do we not know that it is only a poison to those who drink it! Isn't that what a "Gall bladder" does, it collects all the toxins and poisons to protect you.  The one sin that may just keep folks from entering heaven may be the one they have to resist right until their very last breath, just like Jesus. As they mocked and scorned, crucified naked in front of his mother, tortured and beat, the perfect set up for bitterness, He refuses to drink the cup of Gall. Beware of bitterness, it is an ongoing battle to defeat it; as people will continue to hurt and disappoint you until the day you die and the cup will be there for you to drink too and I hope like Jesus, you refuse and die in victory and assurance, that you will make Heaven, your eternal home. "If you will not forgive those on earth that have sinned against you; then neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you our transgressions".