Tuesday, February 14, 2017


It's in interesting that Jesus first appears, as the resurrected Jesus, to ladies. Jesus always had a unique place and purpose for women in His ministry; just one more aspect of the uniqueness of Jesus' movement, ie: Christianity. They were 2nd class citizens and still are, in the Middle East. Yet He came accepting them, ministering to them, even Samaritan women. Jesus saw the unique qualities of women that He had put in them when He created them. The greatest event that ever happened for the rights of women, was Christianity. Nobody understood the value of women more than Jesus and no movement has fought for woman's rights more than Christianity. No, not supreme rights over her own body, ie: Abortion, but neither man or woman has supreme rights over their own body. My question is, when we see that Christianity was and is and has always been at the forefront of Woman's Rights and Liberation; why is it that today's Feminist would not be caught dead in a CHRISTIAN Church. Why is it that Feminists oppose right wing fundamentalists and stick so far to the Left, when it comes to politics? I can only think of one logical answer and that is the modern day feminist movement has an  opposing, antagonistic spirit, to that of Christianity. In any logical sense, any well grounded and good hearted Feminist would embrace Jesus and Christianity. If a woman came up to me after church and told me she was a Feminist, I would say, "so am I and I am because Jesus was and I do value the contribution that women make to society, the family and most certainly the Church of Jesus Christ, BTW I love women, my mom was a woman and my wife happens to be one too, so I'm glad you're here!" I have been in quite a few churches and every church I have been in, that is doing well, has a core of women in that Church, that were it not for them, that church would be in trouble. I don't think men are as much into Valentines Day as Women (actually, not even close) and here we are, FEBRUARY 14th, Valentines Day, in our One Year Bible and Jesus is resurrected and although Jesus is a Man's Man in every way, He chooses to first reveal himself to the women who so faithfully followed him and anointed his body for death and who carefully tended to Him after his death. HAPPY VALENTINES!