Tuesday, February 28, 2017


One of the infantile arguments the homosexual agenda spouts is "if God is so against homosexuality" why didn't he speak against it, after all, He spoke against other sins". This kind of logic and reasoning is for 6 year olds.  Jesus did not speak out against bestiality either, with this kind of logic are we to  assume He was also giving us the green light to be involved in that? Jesus did not speak out against rape or child molestation, are we to conclude that he was therefore sanction child molestation? Jesus too mature to get involved in mindless arguments over which "he had already spoken".  He was not like us who allow our child to bait us into arguments that we have already spoken on and get us all flustered. Another issue Jesus had long spoken about was marriage. One of Jesus' classic lines was "have you not read!". He was either amazed at their ignorance to His word or He was amazed at their lack of regard for His word, either way, He was not please. Is it not written that "God made them male and female...for this reason a man will heave his father and we united to his wife" this was all said, in the context of marriage. This whole debate over "same sex marriage" is ridiculous and ignorant Christians or Christians with a disregard for God's Word are falling for it. God is not going to get in debates with us on issues He has already spoken on. "Well God changes", that's no true, His word teaches the opposite, that God is actually immutable; unchanging. His methods may change, but His timeless, moral principals of life are immutable, as He is.  We may be allowed to partake of pork today,  but we are not allowed to partake of adultery. You will see, that from Genesis to Revelations, God's moral principals are immutable. The whole debate over "same sex marriage' is actually not a debate at all.  It has always been between a man and a woman and it will always be between a man and a woman. The wise Christian, if he/she follows the example their Savior, does not allow themselves to be drawn in to debates subjects, as if there was a debate to be had. There is no debate here...have you not read? Is it not written? Then what is their to debate!