Friday, January 13, 2017


God sees Leah in her distress, He sees that she is not loved and because of that He opens up her womb that she may have children.  God does this for one, because He cares and also, to win her love. God so wants to be loved by us.  Unfortunately all Leah can think about is Jacob. The first thing she thinks of once she becomes pregnant, is NOT, "how gracious is my God and how I love him so"; instead, Leah just thinks about Jacob and how perhaps Jacob will now love her. It's ironic how she's hurt because she so loves Jacob, but yet Jacob does not love her back with the same love and yet she does the very same thing towards God. Every blessing God gives her she only thinks about how she can use it to win Jacob's heart, totally ignoring the fact that God is wanting that love. We so long to be fulfilled by a relationship, a career or something else and we are completely blind to the God that has been there for us, seen us, blessed us, when nobody else saw or cared. We have all experienced the hurt of loving and not being loved in return. But nobody experiences this more than God himself, who daily blesses us, cares for us, protects us and very rarely is that love reciprocated. Have you loved and not been loved back, have you blessed others with your resources or material things and they only turned around and spent it or used it on someone else and you barely got a thanks? I think we all have and it hurts; thence let's not do to God what we know hurts us. Let's reciprocate, as much as is humanely possible, the love he bestows on us and let us thank him so, for his many blessings that he bestows upon us daily. How ironic that Leah was so hurt by the lack of love she received from Jacob, but yet acted, very much, in the same manner, towards God, the one who loved her more than she loved Jacob.