Friday, January 27, 2017


     Not only must we fight against our human nature to do the good deeds God is trying desperately to prompt us to do, but then when we do venture forward we are hit with demonic opposition and that's often when we throw our hands up in the air and say, "God I tried, but this is ridiculous, things are only getting worse, I'm done" and we never look back or try again. "If God really wanted me to do that or succeed in what he asked he should have taken care of the opposition", we say to ourselves. Surely I would have said this in this horrible situation Moses has been put in and put the Israelite s in. The very people he is trying to save and deliver revolt against him and are ready to take his head off, and for a good reason!  Due to Moses meddling, they are now being beat and no longer is straw being provided for them to build their bricks. There's no way to look at this and say, "it's okay, really....". And if I were Moses I would have apologized to the people for ever meddling and apologized to Pharaoh and asked him to stop beating the people, give them back their straw and I would be gone on my way and I would have told God, "leave me alone".  Ever try to help by God's prompting and things only get worse? And we don't hear directly from God like Moses did, so it makes it that much more difficult, "did I really hear from God on this?" we begin to ask ourselves. And then the doubt comes in, "I'm not so sure this is God's prompting anymore". And so how do you know? With Moses he was able to go back and hear from God again. I have to believe that we too are able to go back to God and hear from him again. The answer is the same for us as it was for Moses. "No it's not! God doesn't speak audibly to me!!!".  No He does not, but through prayer and His Word we have to believe that He still speaks and still guides and still prompts. No He doesn't speak audibly but we are supposed to have the Holy Spirit within us, which Moses didn't. In the end, it should be the same. Whether an audible voice that won't leave us alone or an inner prompting that won't leave us alone, we should all, whether 2500 years ago or 25 days ago, still be able to discern what God is prompting us to do.