Sunday, January 29, 2017


     Chapter 6 Verse 4 "He will not listen to you" God says, but go tell him anyway! (That makes a lot of sense!) It's important we REMEMBER this. This is most of our witnessing, most of the time we are witnessing to people who will not listen or convert to God's ways (like Pharaoh) and the danger is that we clam up, because nobody is interested or getting "saved".  However, we must remember this text and also many verses in Jeremiah where God explicitly tells Jeremiah to go preach and also tells Jeremiah, "they will not repent". THE POINT...not all witnessing and speaking for God is "to save" but rather "to judge". God will use our witness to save some and judge others, but there is a purpose ALWAYS. In this case, with Pharaoh, he's not going to "get saved" but God is going to use Moses' attempt to judge Pharaoh, "did not my servant Moses come to you?".  The sad reality, is that allot of our witnessing will be used by God to "judge souls" in eternity rather than save. "Go speak this to Pharaoh", God says, even though he will not listen because I will use it to judge him, I will use it to show that I am a just and fair God, that I show no partiality and I am no respecter of persons.  God did not program Pharaoh to have a hard heart and be stiff necked, he simply worked with what was there. Even Judas, Jesus worked with Judas until the very last hour and minute, even calling him friend at the very end.   Are you at a place where you won't speak for God anymore because "they won't listen", God says, tell them anyway so that they will never be able to say, " I didn't know...I would have let your people go, had I known....but Moses never told me?"  God says, "no, Moses did tell you, no Richard did tell you, no (put in your name) did tell you, SEVERAL TIMES and the judgement you will now face, you have only one person to blame and that is yourself, you hardened your heart to those I sent and refused to listen and even knowing that you would not listen, I sent them anyway to show that I am a just and fair God.