Tuesday, January 31, 2017


"Whatsoever you ask and believe, it shall ge given unto thee", declares Jesus. This is both the scripture we love and the scripture we hate. It is the scripture we love because it inspires us of all we can have in and through Christ.  It is the scripture we hate because it reminds us of the endless possibilities that are not coming to pass in our lives; it is both the scripture we love and we hate. If only for one word, how different it could be.  One word, a word we wish Jesus had left out of the equation.  The word that ruins it for us, a condition that often nullifies this scripture for us....and that word, that condition that Jesus throws in, is that we must BELIEVE.  "whatsoever you ask and BELIEVE".  JESUS throws in a condition that is very difficult for us humans, even Christians. While we may all claim to be believers in Jesus, we are not all believers in His promises, we are not all believers in His Word. I would say that if we are true believers in Jesus, then that only came by and through, Divine enlightenment. However, believing in Jesus' promises now is going to have to take some Faith. We are brought to faith in Jesus by Divine enlightenment but from that point on, Jesus says, "according to your faith (now) let it be done on to you." Will we love or hate this scripture in our reading today?  Depends on your disposition. If you are a man or woman of Faith, you love this scripture and you hold on to it and cherish it. However, if you are a man or woman of little faith, then you hate this scripture because it reminds you of all that you could have, but that you don't have because of your unbelief. Test yourself.....today when you read that scripture did you say, " yes and Amen!" or did you utter...."yeah right....if only that were true!" Well, the fact is, that scripture is true, to some, even if it's not to you. This is why it is both the scripture we love (to some) and the scripture we hate (to others).  What side of the panel are you on?