Saturday, January 7, 2017

JANUARY 7 "Nothing scarier than a frustrated woman"

It’s interesting how this all ends up being Abram’s fault. Sarai approaches Abram in her frustration, blames God “He has kept me from having children” now go and sleep with my Egyptian maidservant, Hagar! Abram is simply just trying to keep the peace, Abram is just trying to say, “yes dear, just stop yelling and get a grip on yourself”. Abram does the deed and now, his wife looks at him and blames him.  Abram is caught in the middle, he now has a son through this woman (half Egyptian!), Abram now has a bond with this woman, but of course he’s not going to mention any of that to Sarai, so he just says, “do with her what you want” and you know that hurts him to say that, but right now he has a mess on his hands that is way too big for him to handle. Yes, it’s interesting how Sarai ends up blaming all of this on Abram.  And you know what, she’s right! But no, you just said, Sarai is the one that was frustrated, Sarai was the one who told him …” But Abram should have stood his ground when his wife was coming undone. Once again, we have a man who failed to stand in the gap of his wife’s weakness, remember our best friend ADAM! Not only did Adam not stop Eve, he grabs a bite of the apple too (you must be joking).  Sarai is right, even though she is wrong. Abram should have said no. We don’t know what Hagar looked like, we don’t know what she was like as a woman. We know that Abram was familiar with her, we know that Abram had an opportunity to have sex with another women and we know that the motives of men are always twisted and never completely what we portray them to be. Sarai presented her husband with so many convoluted thoughts he was not able to choose right. A frustrated women, an opportunity for the flesh, compromise for peace, make this problem go away, in the end, his answer is yes, he goes and has sex with the Egyptian woman and it will be the worse mistake he ever makes. I’m sure he had to face questions from Sarai, when she was frustrated (again) like “did you enjoy it Abram!  Is she a better lover than me Abram!”  The hell and torment would not leave. The culmination of all this mess is a son he loves (and we are not sure about Hagar) and his mother are banished away, which is completely ungodly act for God’s people to commit and this is why God meets with poor Hagar to let her know He is with her (so HIS name is not tarnished) even though his “supposed” chosen people have used and abused this woman and thrown her out. This is for men today. The buck stops with you! Women will come undone, women will eat the apple, women will shout and dictate insane things and ideas in their moments of insanity and it is up to the man, to be the strong one, when they are weak. It is up to the man to be sane when they are insane. It is up to the man to be Christian when they want to be non-Christian. It is up to the man, to be the one the heads off, stops the momentum of horrible decisions in horrible times, Abram did neither and he suffered the consequences for it. Here’s the lesson to learn men, eventually, you will still suffer consequences, you cannot escape them. Better to stand your ground and suffer at the onset, then when the dust settles, and the woman calms down, there will be no irreversible decisions and regrets to have to deal with. This is what God expects from MEN.