Thursday, January 26, 2017


As I’m reading this story all I can think about is how quickly things can change. And that frightens me!  Moses in such a quick turn of events goes from living a luxurious life in the Palace of Pharaoh, with all the privileges of a Pharaoh’s son, to running for his life, forced away from all luxury and privilege, to living in the desert completely alone with absolutely nothing but the clothes on his back.  Now he’s in the wilderness, sitting by a well talking to the Priest of Midian and the marrying his daughter and becoming a Shepherd. We read even while Moses is in the Midian, he comes to the rescue of the women who came to the well to draw water. This is now the 3rd time we read of Moses entering into this mode of “rescuer” (twice in Egypt and now once in Midian).  Change is never good for the human Psyche, it messes us up royally. However, as a child of God can we trust in the providence of God when dramatic change comes unannounced to our lives, easier said, than done, I know, but still a truth in God’s word. Remember, the change that God was bringing was never to change what God had put in Moses, the innate sense of a rescuer/defender of the weak and oppressed. God put this in Moses and He never intended to change that in Moses. God did however intend to change a few other dynamics of Moses’ life and personality and we should not be surprised then that God re-visits Moses to tap into that innate rescuer/defender in him, to go rescue his people out of Egypt. Even with all the truths and insight I’ve just elaborated on, I will tell you I am still afraid to ever have to face the sudden and drastic changes that Moses had to go through. We have to believe that this changes were prompted by God. I would never suggest that God prompted Moses to murder; God did not, however God is in control of the master plan, regardless. Whether Moses murdered or not, Moses was going to be uprooted. We are not in control of the winds, but even man has enough wisdom to use the winds to get him to sail to his intended destination, regardless of whether the winds are blowing south or north, we have learned to harness those winds to get us to go in any direction we want. Change is a very scary situation for someone who is lost and without Christ, you are the ship who’s sails have been ripped and torn down. But I must believe, that as a child of God, that even the most severe and drastic changes in my life must be allowed and/or ordained of God and that somehow, in the master plan of God, things will work out for His purposes, even if it’s not pleasant. We are at the beginning of a New Year, no doubt by the time we reach December; some of us will have encountered some drastic change in our lives. The question is how will we cope with it? Will we lose our bearings and find ourselves lost, will we loses our victory and become depressed and give up or will we zero back in on our true north (Jesus Christ) and find our way? Even hundreds of miles away from Egypt, in Midian, sitting by a well talking to a Midian Priest, we are never truly lost or out of God’s will, when we are a child of God!