Monday, January 23, 2017


We think, "what could be easier than a miracle?" Truth be known, God's people often think an "easier way" is just to send the problem away! An easier way would be to think logically, foresee the problem and then counter it with a solution. In our eyes, anything is easier than to have to wait on Jesus and hope he does " a miracle". The disciples foresee the problem that is coming and the miracle they are going to need to feed all these people. A miracle however, requires faith, a miracle brings with it anxiety and stress, a miracle, that's hard on us, why not just send them away before we get stuck having to BELIEVE God for A Miracle. The disciples approach Jesus and suggest sending the people away....and what does Jesus say,   "you feed them!" The very thing they were trying to avoid, Jesus makes them face. We are trying to avoid having to believe Jesus for a miracle, Jesus is trying to place us in situations where "we have to believe in Him for a miracle". We are not interested in seeing our Faith grow, we just want peace and the problem to be gone. Jesus is wanting our Faith to grow. You can see how often we are at opposite spectrum's with our Savior. God's call to us is always, "why don't you believe in me to meet the need, why don't you believe in me for a miracle" and our thoughts are normally....."there has got to be an easier way than having to wait and believe on JESUS, for a miracle!"