Saturday, July 1, 2017


I'm not one to rip apart my clothes in despair, but I have been there it's a bad place to be. The King of Assyria is definitely personifying the voice of Satan in our story. "Don't let King Hezekiah deceive you into thinking your God will deliver you from us, look what we have done to other nations". You have to remember this whole scene started with Hezekiah trying to bribe the King of Assyria into not marching out against them. Not exactly a sign of strength. Perhaps it was Joash who started this pathetic display of unbelief by trying to bribe his way out of battle. Either Israel has fallen and sunk quite low from her former stature of Faith, Power and Dominion. Now she is weak, cowardly and begging the enemy not to hurt her. The thought of fighting and winning is a bye-gone era. Now she will compromise, bribe, anything because she knows even herself how pathetic she has become. Does this remind you of some Christians you once knew? How the mighty have fallen! Unfortunately mighty today does not mean mighty tomorrow and certainly doesn't mean mighty next year. The good  news is no matter how low, how weak, how pathetic we become, the moment we get desperate enough, humble ourselves and cry out to God. Repent and ask for His help, He will help. Hezekiah gets so bad, so deep in despair that he cries out to God. God has been waiting for this and brings a great, merciful victory for a man, a nation that didn't deserve it and He will do the same for us!