Monday, July 31, 2017


    You ever notice how some people have so much DRAMA in their life?! Do you feel bad for them? Do you feel like maybe there's something you could do? Do you ever wonder where God is in the midst of their drama? I do...or I have until today.  In our O.T. reading today we see such a dramatic change in atmosphere once Jehoiada dies.  Our reading goes from peaceful, happy times to more of a reading that's more like a Godfather Saga. There is murder, treason, chaos and revenge; this stuff makes the mob seem like kids play.  We see our story turn from peace to chaos, from no drama to nothing but Drama.  And the one difference is....Jehoiada has died.
     You will find that where there is plenty of drama, there is often an absence of God.  We can easily be sucked in to people's drama and begin to have sympathy for them and perhaps get an attitude with God, but often, the attraction of drama in one's life stems from an absence of God.  The moment the man who brought God's presence into their lives, dies, we see drama.  Next time you find yourself in the midst of drama or you find yourself getting sucked into other people's drama, take a breath, step back, and before you get all riled up,ask yourself, "where is God in all this?" Ask yourself, "why is their so much drama in my life?" And if you are honest, you will probably realize that God has faded from you life, he is in the distance now rather than the center of your life.
     The enemy is the author of confusion and Panamanian, so you can be sure where there is chaos and fighting , the devil's spirit is dominating and not God's. God we know is the author of peace, not confusion. Christian's lives that are filled with drama are Christian's lives that are void of God's presence and spirit. There is a drama for a reason.  You will find that they are Christians who have let their relationship with God really cool down.  You will find that they are Christians that have no spiritual disciplines.  Prayer is hit and miss, if ever.  Bible reading is none existent, and church is when they can make it.  If you were to run into them on the street, they would boldly and maybe even proudly profess.."born again, Christian I am, been a Christian since.........." but in all reality, their relationship with Jesus faded a long time ago, and now what is left is a hollow shell of what once used to be. The beliefs are still there, the creeds are still there, the bible still sits on the coffee table in the middle of the family room, but in the midst of that is chaos, drama, panamonia and confusion.
     How about your life?  Is it filled with drama, is the drama in your life what fuels you and pumps adrenaline into your veins and keeps you going?  Are people amazed at the amount of drama in your life?  Is this really the life God has called us to live? According to our text the answer is no.  According to our text when God's presence, his spirit is dominating the atmosphere there is little to no drama, but the moment his presence is gone (even though we continue to repeat the same mantras) chaos, fighting, drama & panomonia prevail, they are the rule, rather than the exception. Want the drama to go away?  Tired of the drama, the chaos and fighting?  Then put Christ back at the center of your life and see if the atmosphere does not at once begin to change!