Thursday, July 13, 2017


In our reading today we get some insight about what happened in the past,...that didn't work! Wouldn't we all like to get insight into why our efforts have failed in the past! Today, we get insight as to why they failed to bring in "The Ark of The Covenant". The insight is that they didn't do it "the right way" and because they didn't, they fell flat on their faces and failed. We, in our super-spirituality say, "well, let's just do it and God is God, it will all work out". However it doesn't all work out, they fail and God never says a thing! Are we catching this! There's Grace, God will cover.......not this time! People actually died! God says, "you didn't seek me about "the right way" to do this; and you didn't even seek me after you failed, so I will just sit here and watch you fall flat on your faces". 
The confession/admittance in our text today is that "we didn't do it the right way and that's why we failed". It's not because of the Devil or worldly opposition, it was because of them. Everything in The Kingdom of God, from marriage, finances, evangelism to church structure, there is a right way and a wrong way and many times we are failing because we have not sought God; read His Word or heeded to our headship about the right way to do it. Grace is not always going to be the net that catches us. There will be times that God will remove the safety net and let us hit the ground and hit the ground hard so that we may learn a valuable lesson, ie: There is a right way to do this!