Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It's ironic that on the 4th of July, "Independence Day" that we read in Psalm about people wanting to be free, about people breaking off the chains and being free, ironically they are wanting to break off the chains from God, " let us break off our chains and free us from the slavery of God". Could anything be more ironic than that? Than wanting to break free from God to be free, but yet only God can bring true freedom. We can say, today in the 21st Century that humanity has followed through in this quest to free themselves from the chains and slavery to God. Today, America is more of a secular Nation than a Christian one and the question, then to ask is ...."are we freer than we were before?"  The answer is definitively "NO". We freed ourselves from the slavery of God only to become enslaved by everything, but God! Today, many will celebrate their Freedom, all the while using the things that enslave them, to celebrate their supposed freedom, if that's not irony than I don't know what is!!!  " I am free, I am free, as the guzzle down more liquor and fight, the shout " I am free, I am free as they induce themselves with drugs. They shout " I am free, I am free as domestic violence doubles on the 4th, they shout " I am free, I am free, as the sirens flash behind them in one more DUI.The irony is freedom only comes by being a slave to God.  Only by submitting ourselves to God do we truly become free!!!