Wednesday, July 12, 2017


"If you do not succeed at first, then try, try, try again" David's first attempt to bring the Arc of The Covenent to Jerusalem , is a colossal failure. David is so frustrated and discouraged he decides to leave it with Obed-Edom. However, over and over David proves himself to be the "come back kid." David always shows himself to be quite resilient.  David has the humility to admit that he did not do it right the first time and he seeks God to do it right and comes back with a vengeance, to do it right! Failing is not the problem in our lives, we all fail for different reasons. Our greatest obstacle is not failure but our inability to come back and try again. It's almost like the boxer who almost wants to get knocked out in the first round and just get the fight over, "there, I tried, it didn't work now give me my pay check for entering into the fight".  Sure most Christians are, in theory, signed up for the fight, but are we signed up to succeed or fail, in our minds? Is failure an option? "If God be for us then who can be against us?" Step back, like David and ask the questions, "why did this not succeed" "Did I do it according to God's way or mine?" And " what must I do or change to try again and succeed?" If we will follow this course of action after a defeat and/or failure, then I believe more often than not, God will speak and direct and we can come back to be the "come back kid" too!