Saturday, July 29, 2017


The lesson we can all learn here, especially someone filling in as the newly appointed leader; is that we shouldn't be too quick to judge. Just because everyone doesn't jump right on your idea(s), doesn't mean they are rebels and evil people with no heart for God. Joash decides it's time to fix up and restore the temple. "Go to all the towns of Judah and collect the required annual offerings, so that we can repair the Temple of your God. Do not delay!".  Joash wants this done and he wants it done quick!. As we read in the story, the people do not respond quick at all, as a matter of a fact, the do not respond at all. Joash is not pleased with this lack of response and now he starts getting on Jehoiada's case. "Why hasn't this been done, what's going on, haven't you demanded that the Levites go out and collect the Temple taxes? Don't you know Moses instituted this tax for the maintenance of the Temple!".  Joash just starts going off on poor man. Jehoiada just calmly responds to Joash, that there is a reason. The reason is, "that in the past".......we can stop right there!  "In the past"....remember those words.  Often if we are facing resistance from people it may be from experiences they've had in the past. A new leader we would be wise to consult with others that have been around much longer than he or she, for some wisdom and insight on the matter, before going off and starting to judge and make false accusations. Jehoiada is that person for Joash. Jehoida tactfully explains to Joash, that what he doesn't know is that # 1.  People have willingly given towards the Temple Tax before, in the past and gave quite liberally. So the issue is not that they don't want to give.  # 2. Jehoida explains that in the past when they did give, those funds were misappropriated and now the people are very mistrusting. They don't trust leadership and they don't trust  that the resources they give will be used for what they are supposed to be used for, ie: repairing the Temple. In the past, of all things, their resources went towards, not the Temple, but towards the worship of Baal. With this new insight, Joash is able to respond properly.  Without this insight he would have really done allot of damage to his credibility as a Leader and would have turned the people off from him. Had Joash been quick to judge and not consult with someone who had been around much longer than he, this would have been a leadership debacle. Have you seen those in the past!!  Men and/or women that are quick with the trigger, blow up their ministries faster than the devil could; and much better too! As a leader are you proactive or reactive? Are you willing to "listen to reason?" Or...are you quick to judge and make heads roll! Joash has not gone off on the people, he consults with Jehoida, gets insight as to why they're not responding/giving and comes up with a solution. The result, "this pleased all the leaders and the people, and they gladly brought their money and filled the chest with it." Joash was right on the preface of becoming a tyrant in the eyes of the people or a great leader and it all hinged right here....when people did not jump and immediately obey at is command, would he be quick to judge and make heads roll or would he take a step back, get some counsel and insight into the matter, listen to reason and hear from others that have been around, much longer than he.  We know he choose the latter and he becomes a hero and great leader, but how many others don't choose the latter and it becomes their own downfall and what's even sadder, is half the time they never even realize, it was "they" that destroyed their own ministry, it was "they" who caused the people to have a great disrespect for them. It was they who blew themselves up. Years down the road they will still blame their failed ministry "on the people" until someone else goes in and has great success "with that same group of people" and then and only then, does it begin to sink in, "maybe it was me, maybe I should have sought the counsel of others that had been there longer than I, maybe I should have listened to reason.....maybe I was too quick to judge and react."