Monday, July 3, 2017


Josiah is left to undo years and years of disobedient parents, grandparents and great grandparents and beyond. A lot of this started with Solomon and all his foreign Miss Universe pageant winners that he brought to Jerusalem and built up Shrines for their gods. "I'm only hurting myself" is the biggest lie ever told! Do people really believe that? I guess we can convince ourselves to believe that, so we can live with ourselves and our self centered, self serving decisions. I don't know how many people reading this blog are gonna one day pull themselves back from making a very self centered decision because of this reading, but maybe, if it's just one, it's worth it! Because the fall out is immeasurable. I was listening to the story of a Vietnam Vet who was taken out of battle from shrapnel and he said it hurts worse than getting shot and often the fall out in our decisions does more damage than the original explosion. I'm not a genius but I'm thinking that the original plan was not that children would have to clean up the messes their parents left behind, but today we are seeing that more and more. Because we are becoming more and more self centered as individuals. It's a sign of the times, "people will be lovers of themselves" And I've seen many parents who one day get back on track and then expect their children to just shape up, get on track. After years of backsliding, alcoholism, violence in front of their children they expect that when they get back on track there will be no shrapnel. I get tired of watching Josiah's having to clean up the messes of their parents, do you? Josiah is a great and incredible young man and for that I'm encouraged, that sometimes, a young man or woman that has had a horrible cast to follow, can still rise up out of the mire and do something with his/her life and be used tremendously by God.  So if you are a Josiah reading this, than pat yourself on the back and for the rest of us, let us make sure that we live such a life that does not leave a mess for our children or heirs to clean up, but rather live a life that creates a springboard to catapult our children and/or grandchildren into their future/destiny.