Tuesday, July 11, 2017


How many of you remember the story of when the Ark of The Lord was put in the temple with this Philistine god, Dagon.  It was a mockery, everyday they would find Dagon, there, fallen on his face, then the next day, Dagon is found on his face with his arms broken off. On that day, we rejoiced, "one great victory for God's people. Well on this day, it's not so great, we read about the King of Israel being beheaded (Saul) and his head is put in the temple of the Philistine god, "Dagon" and I'm sure Dagon is looking on saying, "I guess this victory is mine!" Dagon makes a dagon comeback! He's not the one being laughed at today; today Israel is the one being laughed at and the hero is Dagon, today!
The thing to note is we do suffer losses in the Kingdom of God from time to time, Dagon does have his comebacks.  Don't expect every battle to be a victory; for reasons of disobedience, missing God and many other reasons, sometimes we have to accept, this battle is loss, try to access why the battle was loss and move on to the next battle believing for great victory. So what, Dagon has a comeback in this battle, continue reading the story and see we ultimately we win. I don't even mind you skipping and reading the end of the whole book and you'll see, in the end, if we keep fighting and don't loose heart, we win!!! And that's the dagon truth!!!