Saturday, April 1, 2017


"How can you tell if what a prophet speaks is from God?" Here we are waiting for some great Revelation from God, but yet in our daily reading today, April 1st, we learn that it is actually quite simple. "If what the prophet speaks does not come true, then he did not speak my words". 
Very simple. Common sense right?
So why would someone speak what is not of God? Well, the 1st and most obvious reason is, they are deliberately doing so, evil men, being guided by an evil spirit. The 2nd reason would be because they prophecy out of "the inclinations of their own hearts", as stated in another verse in the bible. They are not evil, but the words they are speaking are what they think and what they feel or perceive about the situation and/or person. And quite frankly, they are hit and miss on their words, depending on their discernment. Very few people actually speak directly from God. And the few that do you will see that 100% of what they speak, comes true, it's not hit and miss. I have heard words, prophesying that a particular woman, who was barren, would be pregnant one year later and sure enough she was and delivered a healthy baby after having adopted about 3 kids. I heard another prophesy that a church would double in size within a year. Within a year the church had not only "not doubled" but had actually shrunk. A well meaning Evangelist, he was, I'm sure, but he was prophesying not from God but out of "the inclinations of his own heart". We would do well, to stop and consider, before we speak, is this God, really....or is it honestly "what I think". Even Paul, the great Apostle was honest enough to say, "this is not what The Lord is telling me to say, but what I am saying is my opinion, what I believe."