Thursday, April 6, 2017


"I tell you what if I could ever get Jesus in front of me...imagine, Jesus, my creator, my Savior, healer, redeemer, deliverer...imagine if I could get Jesus' ear, even if just for a few seconds, I would ask...I would ask...I would ask Him to tell my bother to share his inheritance with me"  WAIT, something just went wrong in that script, I don't think it ended right! However that's exactly how it went down in our story today. And what was Jesus' response?  "what have I to do with that?"  Times have not changed much, we are pretty much the same, 2000 + years later, still looking to Jesus, trying to get things from Him that He was nothing to do with, but what He has plenty to do with (salvation, healing, deliverance, forgiveness) that we don't bother to seek Him for. We can mock and criticize the "prosperity Gospel doctrine", but we cannot mock the results. It draws people to church the way honey draws bees.  The lepers sought Jesus for healing and received it, the father sought Jesus for his demon possessed boy and he was delivered, Mary Magdalene received grace and forgiveness, the Centurion Soldier received back his child, Mary and Martha had their brother raised from the dead, the woman with the issue of blood received healing, James, John & Peter received new lives and a new destiny....this man has that same God (Jesus) before him and he just wants Jesus to force his brother to give him half of his inheritance. Surely this man must have had more pressing needs in his life that Jesus could have helped him with. Jesus wastes no time and tells him "what have I to do with that" and goes on a pretty long discourse about people who are just concerned with wealth and material things in this life, he basically calls them "fools". Rich on earth but poor towards God and eternity. What are you seeking Jesus for? Here's the good thing, if you're not sure, Jesus will help you find out. Jesus will bring you through seasons where He doesn't give you what you want and what you would like and what you think you should get and then He will sit and watch to see if you turn from Him and in doing this, He allows both you and Himself, to figure out, what it is that you really want from Jesus. The question to ask is, are you asking Jesus for something that He has nothing to do with; all the while ignoring what He can really do for you?