Monday, April 3, 2017


It was so easy back then for them to see, all that they had came from this God that rescued them. They had nothing, they were slaves, living in they are free, now they are conquering armies greater than them, twice the size of them, now they are living in a land flowing with milk and honey, rivers, streams, fruitfulness and God says, "when you get your first fruits, bring them to me in recognition and honor of the one who has made all this happen for you". Trying to get people to honor God with their first fruits today, is not so easy or clear cut.  They are the ones who went to college and earned their degrees to get the good paying jobs they have. They are the ones who worked hard and climbed up the corporate ladder. And so when the Preacher stands before his congregation and challenges them to bring their first fruits, of all, that it is the Lord thy God that has done thing, the honest Christian thinks withing himself, "well I know theologically that's right, but how come I sense that it is I that has done this?".  Is that wrong to think that? I think the way to stay right and on the right track is always to stick with God's Word, always stick with what is theologically correct, not what I feel or sense. I must always come before God in an offering and acknowledge that God is the source; regardless if I am the one that has studied, regardless if I am the one the worked hard and strove to the best, regardless if it is I who did this or that, I must always stick with God's Word, that it is He that is behind all that is good in my life; regardless of how it looks on the outside. Regardless of how much effort I've put forth we must always keep the stance that it is God; and that's easier said, than done. Sometimes it is hard to look out at the congregation and tell well established and successful people, that it is because of God.  I personally do not have a hard time acknowledge that all I have has come from God and I am today what I am due to Him, because I had nothing when I first got saved, but  I also realize I cannot speak for everyone. I think what's important to learn today is that no matter where you came from, no matter what you had or didn't have when you came to Christ, is that now, as a Christian you have this understanding, "that all that I have, is from His hand, one way or another and that I ought to honor God with my first fruits in every offering that comes by way", that is the right stance to have toward our God, all that I have that is good in my life comes from you and I thank you for it!