Friday, April 21, 2017


The false religion of "no resurrection" as we read today, has been around for a long, long time.  However what makes this particularly interesting is the group that propagates false religion is propagating this false claim to "the Resurrection" Himself, ie; Jesus Christ. John 11:25 Jesus says, "I am the Resurrection". Arrogance has no boundaries. "A fool is wiser than 7 wise men" we read in Proverbs. These Sadducee's are going to sit there and argue "stupidities" with The Resurrection Himself. Proverbs also tells us that the man who argues with a fool becomes a fool himself.  Jesus doesn't get into an argument with these boys, He simply makes them look like the fools they are and moves on. Not much has changed today, there are still cults/false religions that want to argue their false doctrine. Jehovah Witnesses still try to propagate that when we die we remain in the earth and they quote Solomon in Ecclesiastes. The Apostle Paul writes "if there is no resurrection than we are the most miserable of all men".  We think we are going to convince and out argue a fool or arrogant person and we are so wrong. Here are these men, arguing about the resurrection, with the resurrection himself. Often we feel sorry for people that are caught up in cults like Mormonism & Jehovah Witnesses, but do we really think that God would allow anyone to remain caught up in lies if they really were seeking "the truth" and were not caught up in pride and arrogance. I had a good friend who was raised a Mormon, but she was not "set" on being a Mormon, or anything else for that matter, she was set on seeking and finding the truth and it is no surprise today that God brought her ought of that false religion to experience true salvation through Christ. Arguing with Jesus seems like the most arrogant thing any human could ever do, but I dare say, while we are on the subject, that it's not just Sadducees that argue with Jesus. We may not argue with Jesus about "the resurrection" but we sure do argue with Jesus on many other issues and maybe as we read our story today, we see how silly and arrogant we are when we argue with the One who says, "I Am the Resurrection and The Life!".