Wednesday, April 19, 2017


"Always favoritism around here", we can't stand favoritism, at least when it doesn't include us, then we are staunch opponents of it. Well, if you are a staunch opponent of favoritism than you were probably upset by today's reading. "After all the land was divided among the tribes, the Israelites gave a special piece of land to Joshua".  There you have it, in black & white, they are not even trying to hide this favoritism, do they have no shame! Wait, is this the Israelites giving Joshua this favoritism or God? Read on...."For the Lord had said, he could have any town he wanted".  Favoritism from God? How am I going to resolve this? I thought God was perfect.  Well, God is perfect and sinless so we can only conclude that favoritism is not always such a bad thing. Is our God not a God of recompense, of God of rewards? If favoritism is coming to an individual because of hard work, than it is earned and is probably due and in cases of many, long over due. If favoritism is coming to someone just because they like them better, than it is wrong. We who dwell in mediocrity always despise and disapprove of favoritism because it has never come out way.  It is a shame when Christians and a church to be more specific begin to resent favoritism that their leaders have benefited from. God here sees fit to reward Joshua for the leadership role he has taken over from Moses and the considerable effort Joshua has put forth, it has not gone unnoticed from God. This favoritism that Joshua receives from God should not upset us, but encourage us. It teaches us God does see and does take careful notes. Some churches see to it to bless their Pastor and his wife other churches see to it that they receive no favoritism and blessing or anything special. Which church would you like to be a Leader in, which church would you like to serve God in? Our text reveals to us that Joshua got "a special" piece of land, that's right, a "special" piece of land. Do you resent that? Do you think Joshua should have received an allotment just like everybody else? Of course you do, cause I know you, I've met you before and I'm glad you're not my God. If you don't want to go to College and study hard then at least don't envy or hate those that did and now prosper. "Leadership, Manager....yeah, I told them forget it, let them find someone else, I don't want to have to deal with all these headaches of these people, scheduling, having to fill in when people don't show" Okay, so you've admitted that it's more work to lead, then don't complain when those that do step into that position benefit from it. Don't resent when the Corporate Area Manager comes down and give them a bonus and not you. Don't resent it when they are taken out to dinner and not you  Don't resent it when your Manager now is being favored by the Area Wide Manager. And it is the same in the Kingdom of God, those that will rise up, take leadership and responsibility will have favor with both God and Man and you should not resent the favoritism they now have, "For the Lord said, he could have any town he wanted".  Favoritism in the church, favoritism in God's Kingdom, you're darn right!