Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We all want to go to a party right? "Well, that all depends on who's having it", we would say. I guess you could say, "a Christian" (can we call JESUS a CHRISTIAN?) is having this party, still want to go? "I guess that means there won't be any alcohol?"  Probably not!  " I guess there won't be any drugs there?"  You guessed right! " and I guess there won't be any chance of "hooking up" at this party either?"  No, there won't be any hooking up, that's for sure!  So, just let me know if you are going to be going? "Oh, I can tell you right now, I'm not going, sounds like a pretty lame party to me. I don't know who you're going to be able to get to go to that party".  To many people, "a Christian Party" is an Oxymoron, because it's missing all the elements of a good party, ie: SIN! Jesus gives us a parable of a party He is throwing and people are not overtly interested in going, any excuse, no matter how lame, is a good excuse for them not going. It's just like trying to get people to go to church and some of the excuses they give us, we just want to say, "how could you look at me with a straight face and give me that, as a reason why you can't come to church?" Everybody wants to go to Heaven, and then again, many do not want to go to Heaven, it's just the alternative, "Hell" is worse, so I guess I will take "the so called Christian Party instead, how lame this is going to be, no wonder I don't want to die, I have nothing to look forward too. If I'm really bad, I go to Hell to be tortured and burn and if I'm really good I get to go to a Christian party, yippie yeah!"  Truth is, people are not knocking down doors to get into Heaven. Jesus is having a hard time getting people to this party. No doubt Heaven will not be empty, but there will be more who refuse to go than those that do accept the   Invitation.  Have you accepted the invitation? And if you have accepted the invitation, but only grudgingly because there's nothing else, then chances are, when you get there, you will not be let in anyway. This is why we must make the "metamorphosis" while we are here on earth. In our unregenerate state, Heaven is not for us. Heaven is not for caterpillars, only for butterflies. Every human is born a caterpillar, uninterested in what Heaven has to offer and each caterpillar must make the metamorphosis into a butterfly, before dieing. It's called being "Born-Again". Jesus said, " unless a man is Born Again" He will not see/enter, The Kingdom of God". What is the Kingdom of God? It's JESUS' banquet, it's Heaven,  it's His Party! See you there, I hope!