Monday, April 17, 2017


Too old to fight?  Not Caleb!  He was one of the original 12 spies to spy out this land many decades earlier and was one of the two (the other was Joshua) . When a young man is entering puberty we know that a surge of Testosterone runs into and through his body. This testosterone causes hair to grow, pimples to form and aggressiveness to rise up in him. Here is the transformation from boy to manhood and the fight; that once was not in the boy, is now there! He becomes more aggressive, stronger, muscles begin to develop, but what happens in old age? The opposite, Testosterone begins to wear off in our later years of life. So much so, that men, today, can purchase drugs to increase their testosterone in their latter years. As men grow old, because of the decrease in Testosterone, they lose the fight that once was in them. They become very complacent, they become very passive. This is how it works in the Physical world and I wonder how much the Physical mirrors the spiritual? Fewer and fewer converts, that are strong and faithful, old pillars; are found in the church. As the Church Laymen are working hard to maintain the new life that is coming in, they find that the old converts are now giving up the fight at a time where it is most crucial for them to be the Caleb's of the group.  We see that there is a lot of new young life, now in the Israeli camp, but we also, see that it is Joshua and Caleb, with years of experience, faithfulness and great testimony with God, that are leading them. Are you too old to fight? Never is the right answer! At least not spiritually. As we get older in Christ, we must pray, "God infuse me with a fresh does of Spiritual Testosterone, I've come to far to give in now".  This is why Paul commends himself, "I have fought the good fight of faith". As an old convert and old man Paul is proud to say; not that in his younger days he put up a good fight, but that in his latter days, physically older days, he is still spiritually strong, has made the journey and fought to the end.  Many older Christians are slipping in their later years and what a shame that is, what a shame we do not have more Caleb's around. Caleb says, "I am as strong today, as the day I spied out the land many decades ago, and I am still good for the fight and I still want all that God has for me". In your latter years will you still have that fight? Or perhaps you are already in your latter years and you already feel your spiritual rigor slipping and passivity and complacency settling in. It is never to late to cry out to God and pray that He would infuse you with a fresh dose of Spiritual Testosterone, lest you find yourself missing out, on what you have spend the last few decades living for, ie: Heaven.