Friday, April 28, 2017


   Imagine for one who was the Alpha and Omega, according to John He was the word who had always been.  Never was death even a concept to Jesus until this moment. He was going to let himself die and BY FAITH believe that he would not remain dead, the God, the Father, would raise him from the dead.  100% of all those reading this blog will one day have to face death.  Some of us will die quickly, not having a chance to even think about it, but others will die a death they know is coming, whether through cancer or some other fatal disease or even old age; they will have time to contemplate and think over their death.  They will know that in a few weeks, a month or a few years they will close their eyes one last time and the question they must ask themselves is will my eyes ever open again and if they do open again, what will be the next thing that I see...Heaven or Hell?  Death is the scariest event any human being will ever have to face.  Every human being must face his own mortality and ask, "is this the end of my existence?" Is it the beginning to eternal punishment which I will never escape?  Jesus' last words to God, the Father (paraphrased by me) were, "okay, here it is, I feel death creeping up on me and I am committing my spirit (that lives forever) to you now and believing this is not the end. I am going to close my eyes now Father and I believe after I close them, they will open again on the other side!".  Are you afraid to die?  I believe part of the agony Jesus went through in the Garden of Gethsemane was not just over the torture He would have to face but also He agonized that He would have to face death!  Yes, we will each have to face death one day and face our greatest fear and the question to you and to I is.....WILL YOU/WE RISE FROM THE DEAD and where will you be and what will you have to face if you do awaken after you close your eyes.  Death is the one thing that is coming our way, that we know is coming our way, that we should spend our lives preparing for. Do not neglect this event. We know Holidays are coming, we prepare. We know summer is coming, we prepare. We know retirement is coming, we prepare. We know death is coming and we....we.....DON'T PREPARE... and I ask you again, will you RISE FROM THE DEAD and if you do, what will you see when you first open your eyes?