Thursday, June 1, 2017


     Joab sure gives David a tongue lashing, like nobody else could have. David is mourning over someone who has been trying to kill him (yes, even though it's his own son) meanwhile the men that care for David, love him, risked their lives for him are being dissed, unappreciated and ignored. If only we all had a friend in our times of insanity to come speak to us like Joab does to David. You see a parent give herself so much to the wayward child, while the other child that is loving, barely gets any attention. A woman obsessed in a relationship with an abusive man, while the man that loves her and would treat her right, is ignored and dissed. David is not the only one ever guilty of caring for the wrong people. As the saying goes, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". It seems those that scream the loudest and make the most trouble, get the most attention. A good friend or even the Holy Spirit, whispering to us to "love those that care for you, don't ignore them" is what we all need. People shouldn't feel like they have to "be bad" to get our attention, but often times, that is the case. It is proven that children often act up, to get their parent's attention, if not, they are ignored and it is as if they don't exist. "At least if I act up, I get attention, it's bad attention, but bad attention is better than no attention at all..." is the mindset.  Maybe there's a whole lot of people that love you and care for you and they feel neglected and unappreciated by you as you spend all your emotion and care on some wayward child, friend or family member. Today, let this story speak to you, let Joab speak to you, let the Holy Spirit speak to you. Don't sit and mourn and be consumed with the unloving, wayward person in your life, but turn yourself around and set your heart, affections and care, back towards those, that care so much for you, but feel so neglected by you.