Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I'm sure any title with "racism" in it is not going to surprise anyone, but what is surprising is the racism I am writing about is between Jews.  Jews fighting Jews.  How it must have broken God's heart to see this war between Judah & Israel. A civil war between God's people. Racism, it's a hot topic today's media onslaught. America had it's own civil war, Ireland has had it's own sort of civil war, the Protestants killing the Catholics and vice-versa. What we can learn about racism is it goes deeper than skin color. Today's headlines focus' on skin color, it's the blacks against the whites, but these are naive people. What they don't realize is racism goes deeper than skin color. Racism is basically about anyone who is "not us", "not in our group". As I mentioned, Ireland for years had whites killing whites, same skin color, but yet still racism. I grew up in Montreal and we had racism. It was blacks that were racist against other blacks. The blacks from Montreal were racist against the blacks from Haiti, they would beat each other to death, if allowed. I lived in Arizona for a number of years and realized that Mexicans are racist against Mexicans. They (Mexicans) began to differentiate amongst themselves and have racism amongst their own ranks. In Montreal, the English whites were racist against the French whites. And today, we read about the hatred between the Jews from Israel vs the Jews from Judah. We could take the whole human race, pick one color, whether it be black, brown, white or purple, if you want, and there would be racism. We would begin to classify against, the "light purple's as apposed to the dark purples or regular purples. "Then just make them the exact same color purple", you say. Then we would find another differentiation to be racist about. I've learned a lot about racism living in different parts of the U.S. & realizing that racism, goes far deeper than skin color. We don't hate and our prejudice because their skin color is different, that's ignorance, we are racist simply because they are different than our group. Racism will never be wiped out as long as we are sinners by nature. From the very beginning, when Cain had no reason to hate his brother Abel, who has of the same color, there only was one race, but yet Cain found a reason to hate and murder. We are all descendants of our fallen brothers, Cain and Abel. Color is not the problem of racism, the sinful hearts of men is the problem of racism. Show me a true Christian, show me someone who is truly filled with God's spirit and I will show you someone who sees no color. The wars that are caused by religion are just that, they are caused by religion, not God or Jesus himself. Religion divides, religions breeds hate and prejudice but Christianity in it's essence promotes love, peace and harmony. Wars are started in the name of religion yes (ie: The Irish Protestants blowing up the Irish Catholics) but Christ said love your enemy, not "blow them up". Religion only fuels racism, Christ quenches it. If someone claims to be Christian but is yet racist, then they are not Christian, the are fraud's and are simply living in their self deluded religion. The KKK were devout religious men, but they were not saved, they were not Christian and most certainly did not have the Holy Spirit in them and they would wake up to a rude awakening after their deaths to find themselves judged by a God who loves all colors. How will racism ever be wiped out? It won't on this side of eternity, but there is a day coming when it will. In the meantime God must look down from Heaven and watch this civil war take place in Israel, Jews killing Jews, Americans killing American, Blacks killing blacks, White's killing whites and it must break God's heart to see how far, we as humans have fallen, that we will hate and kill, just because someone is different than us and not part of our group.