Monday, June 12, 2017


Proverbs is the book of Wisdom, even more important, the Book of God's Wisdom.  The book of God's Wisdom, I should read that! But how many do? The Wisdom of God...."sometimes, less is better, if it brings you peace and quietness in your home".  More couples divorce over finances than infidelity or any other issue in marriage. Financial problems bring strife in a home like nothing else. I will never forget as a young Christian visiting a couple's house in our church that were long time pillars in that church. I was in the house, actually the garage, with their son and I could hear the mom and dad fighting like cats and dogs over money issues. It ruined by blissful outlook that I had towards the new church I had become a part of.  I thought, "when I'm married, I will never fight over finances with my wife".  I would like to tell you I fulfilled that promise to myself, but I would be lieing!"  I could buy billboards all across the USA and put the Wisdom of God up there and though, deep inside, it would resonate, we would not buy it (no punn intended) the prevailing mindset would conquer, "no way, can't be true, more has to be better, more has to be the road to happiness". We need more, more stuff, nicer cars, nicer house, nicer clothes, surely nicer furniture, nicer bar-b-q, bigger T.V., more is better, even if more leads to strife in my home, what else could be the answer? Less? No way, can't be! The days of the husband working and the wife staying home are long gone. If more is the answer, then for sure the wife has to work. The problem is, if more is enough, more is never enough.. Many couples today are holding down a combined 3 jobs.  The credit cards are piling up, the stress is mounting, the house, garage and backyard is full of stuff, but yet there is constant strife & contention in that home. The wisdom of God is better to just have a morsel of bread with peace than a home that is full, but with strife, that's as easy to receive as the child being told that he would better off asking for the side of salad at McDonalds, rather than the french fries. That same look the parent will get from the child is the same look God gets from us when He tells us, "less, much less is actually going to bring you peace and a better, happier home". Is that true? We know it's true, question is can we live it. I'm sure the kid, innately knows the salad would be a better side, but can he do it? Can he/she go to McDonalds and actually order a salad with his Big Mac instead of the French Fries? Probably not! Will most adults who read this blog today, say, " you know, that's true, I believe that less might be better, maybe there would be less strife, maybe there would be less tension in our home if we weren't trying to acquire so much...." but at the end of the day, they won't do it. They won't move to a smaller house, they won't give up the over time at work or give up one of the car payments or cancel one of their vacations or cut down on eating out.......they just won't do it.  Ask them if they agree if it's wisdom, they will say yes, ask them if they will follow this wisdom and they will say, "probably not...."