Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Opportunities to do wrong never stop knocking on your door. How long do I have to resist, how long do I need to keep saying “no”? I've been resisting temptation for so long, how much longer? Well, for the man and/or woman that finally gives in, the answer is…. “not long enough”.  For the man who finally gives in to the seductress at work, ruins his marriage and turns his kids against him, the answer will be, “it wasn't long enough”.  For the young girl who had vowed to God to maintain her purity, but one night, alone with her boyfriend, gives in to his advances, the answer for her will be, “not long enough”. Joab has been faithful to David for a long, long time but the bible says, “although Joab did not go after Absalom, he did go after Adonijah.  Joab resisted the temptation to defect and go with Absalom, the King’s son, when Absalom lead a rebellion, although I’m sure Joab was tempted, but yet resisted. Years go by and Joab has another opportunity to do wrong, this time with another of David’s sons, Adonijah. And this time, Joab defects with Adonijah and this ultimately leads to Joab’s death. How long was long enough for Joab, apparently, not long enough. There was nothing anymore special about Adonijah as compared to Absalom, the only difference between the two men, was timing. Absalom’s temptation to Joab was at a time where Joab was determined to stand strong, a little longer….The question everyone wants answered, is “how much longer?”.  How long is long enough? The answer will always be, “not long enough”.  Until you breathe your last breath, the answer is “not long enough”.  Until your spouse passes away or you pass away, the answer is “not long enough”.  Until you stand at the altar with your future bride, the answer is “not long enough”.  We want to resist temptation for a set time, we want the time defined, put it in writing, then I will know, I only have to resist for this much longer, but life doesn't work like that and it is a shame to see men and women that we have served God with for so many years and have seen them be faithful and loyal for such a long time, only one day, to see them finally give in to temptation and wreck everything they have striven for over the years; therefore the answer today, to anyone that would ask, “how long” the answer would be “not long enough” just ask Joab!