Sunday, June 25, 2017


I think we all know this Shunemmite woman. She exists in every church.  She is that woman of extraordinary faith in God to move on her behalf; and you know what, He does! The Shunemmite woman believes God has given her the son she has and when he is taken away, she goes back to God, or at least her source to God and demands him back and Elisha raises her son from the dead. I believe her reasoning here, in our text is the same. She believes God is the source of all she has and she is right; therefore the land she had, that she has lost, was from God and she is believing God to give her that land back just like He gave her back her son.  The only problem is, with her son, she had Elisha to go to, in this case who does she have? This is a woman who acts in faith, not logic. Logic would says, “she doesn't have a snow ball’s chance in Hell” of getting that land back, but with God all things are possible to them that believe. Her job as a believer is to motion forward and allow God to do the miracle. This is by divine orchestration that the moment she walks in to see the King, there is Gehazi, of all people, telling the King, the story about the Shunemmite Woman’s boy that Elisha raised from the dead and who walks in, but the Shunemmite Woman. The king not only restores all her land to her but also recompenses her for her crops. Once again, this woman walks away, with what God had originally given to her, but was taken away. How many Christians do you know that have had God give them blessings over the years, but today, they don’t have them. Those blessings have been taken away and they have accepted that and moved on, but they are not the same. They wonder, “why did God give me that blessing, only to take it away?”.  Maybe there is a lesson to learn from this little woman. Sometimes we must fight for what God has given us. Sometimes we must go after, by Faith, what the enemy has taken away from us. Jesus said, “I have come to give you life and life more abundantly, but the thief, comes to steal, kill and destroy”. Maybe you have been robbed by the enemy, would you believe in God, by Faith, to get back what the enemy has stolen? You’ll never know if you don’t try and believe. Motion forward, make a move and then sit back and allow God to the miracle.