Monday, June 12, 2017


A little disobedience can’t hurt, right? Well then, let’s remove that scripture in Proverbs that God put in there that says, “ a little fly spoils all the ointment”. As we are busy reading about all the good things Solomon is doing “for the Lord”, …..the building of the Temple, the making of all the Holy Artifacts that will be used for worship and sacrifices for generations to come; there, mixed in the middle of all that, we read “he also built similar living quarters for Pharaoh’s daughter…whom he had married”.  In the middle of all that good, surely there is room for a little faux-pas? Surely the Lord will overlook my one little transgression in the midst of all this good I’m doing.  Solomon was not the last person to ever think like that.  Many of God’s people think like that, not just Solomon. If Solomon was waiting for a sign, a bad omen to convince him he had done wrong, he didn’t get one. He didn’t’ get struck with lightning, the ground did not open up and swallow him and his idolizing, false god worshiping, Egyptian Wife! No, none of that happened. We disobey God, disobey his written word and then want God to re-confirm to us that we have done wrong by some sign or bad omen and when we don’t get that, we conclude, “then it must be okay after all”. However, this is not a game, God doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean. He doesn’t have to re-confirm to us what He has already spoken on. The good we do, doesn’t cover up the bad, the bad actually nullifies the good. If Solomon was waiting for a sign from God, he didn’t get one, God was silent on this, other than making sure it was put in the scripture. The sign Solomon would get, is the consequences he would suffer, when years later, the women who worshiped foreign gods, would turn his heart against Jehovah. You may be a great giver, a great witnesser, a super faithful church member, but do you really think because of that you can disobey God in other area, no matter how small or insignificant, “you” think it is.  That one little area of your life, of willful disobedience may just be your undoing some day. If you are waiting for a sign, you probably will not get one, God has already spoken on the issue in His Word and He doesn’t need to repeat himself. The only sign you will get, is the consequences you reap down the road and then it will be too late.