Wednesday, June 14, 2017


"If only God did more", we may not speak those words, but we do think them.  Well, we can't accuse God of not doing enough in this story.  First He sends a prophet, a man of God, to speak. Result? His words are rejected. (Words aren't enough, how about a miracle, some demonstration of God's power, that's what people need to see).  Okay, so next we get our demonstration of God's power.  Jeroboam stretches his hand out to the guards to have the man of God seized and his hand shrivels up! (People need to see that God is merciful, that's what people need, people see God as mean). Okay, well next we have Jeroboam crying out to God, to the man of God, please have mercy, please heal me.  So, the man of God prays to God and God immediately heals Jeroboam's hand. God has done everything in this situation that we would desire Him to do. He gives a powerful word, 3 great miracles, the altar is split (wow!), hand shrivels up, then God's merciful, He heals, God has done plenty, He has done all we would want, the end result.....Jeroboam is not changed, does not repent, does not do right. We all have friends, family members and people we care for that we so wish they were saved, serving God. "If God would just reveal Himself, if God would just answer what they are praying for, if God would just heal them, if God would...if, if, if........if only God would just do more! That's quite an accusation, against God, when you think of it. It's a horrible accusation when you think of Jesus hanging on the cross. It's a horrible accusation, that people are perishing because God won't do more. It's so horrible an accusation, that if we were God, we would wipe out any human that would speak or even think, such a horrible thought against us. "Well, I know what they need to happen in their lives for them to get saved, and if God would just listen to my prayers and do what I say, I know, they would get saved."  Of course you do! You are omniscient and God is not. You are more compassionate than God. You can more about your loved ones going to hell, than God, of course! Can we trust that God will do all He has to in the future and has done all He could in the past, to save our loved ones and that the reason they are not saved, not serving God is not because of Him, but because of the stubbornness of their own hearts? Can we trust that if God knew this miracle, this healing, this answer to prayer would be the turning point for them, that He would do it? I am disheartened too, but people I care for, that simply just don't get it. They've been to church, they've seen the hand of God at work, they know He's real, but they simply won't repent. It's disheartening, but we must never turn our disappointment, anger and frustration towards God. We must always trust that God is doing all He can do and if there's anything more He could do, He would, He is good!