Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I believe Tom Cruise, the actor, on his 3rd marriage (and many women in-between) has uttered those words on Oprah. Celebrity status, wealth & good looks are a recipe for disaster. One survey & research suggested that most men "don't cheat" simply because they don't have the opportunity. They don't have striking good looks, don't have money & power, don't have much that is going to have women drawn to them, soliciting them or making sexual advances. So these men don't cheat, at least not physically, but they probably still often cheat, in their minds. Find me a man with good looks, power and wealth and I'll find you a man with some infidelity in his background. "Solomon loved many foreign women", are text tells us. I'm sure he did. Solomon had a Harem full of super models, it was unrestrained lust and sexual indulgence. He was a man who had no governor on his heart. He was able to get the most beautiful women and he did, as Tiger Woods (golf professional) did a few years ago.  Solomon's father too, had some issues with beautiful women. In the New Testament they early disciples must deal with this issue, it was revolutionary at the time to tell a man, "one wife". This becomes the standard for Christian men in the New Testament. This sets them apart from all other religions at the time. Christianity now becomes the religion of "morality". Christianity brought morality to a pagan culture. It wasn't easy, Paul writes letters, reemphasizing to the churches, "we're Christians, we live pure and moral lives!" The idea of having many wives back then was not about Christian benevolence, it was about the opportunity for man to be able to have sex with more than just one women. Give me three, at least that I'm legally married too and then maybe, I can be kept from committing adultery, surely i can be satisfied with 3-4 women. Of course they would read back to David and Solomon and still feel they were being ripped off with only 3 women to sleep with. Joseph is the classic man of God who shows us what true purity really is, even before the Holy Spirit is offered. Joseph is quoting as saying, "how can I commit this deed and sin against both God and man". Joseph denies himself, sinful, sexual pleasure with I'm sure a very beautiful women, in order that he may be "right with God" and honor God. What really will separate "truly" Christian men from sinners in the last days will be moral purity. Adultery is on the rise and the numbers would be even more astounding if most men were actually being hit on. Most would fall. Most would not resist the advances of some hottie tottie girl from Moab, Ammn, Edom or Sidon or Egypt. We as New Testament Christian men have been called to restrain ourselves. Jesus taught men not just to restrain themselves physically, but to also be faithful to their wives in their mind. This is an incredible, mind blowing standard to have challenged men too back in that day, practically impossible. You think of how far the "man of God" has come from Solomon's day. Today, a true man of God is not only limiting himself sexually to one wife, but is also limiting himself sexually to one wife, mentally! That really is a standard and goal that would have seemed impossible and lubricious in David & Solomon's day, but yet there are men today who live and abide by that standard. For a man to stand up and shout "I just love women" is as stupid and a waste of breath as a child standing up and saying, "I love candy". We all love women, but God has called us to restrain ourselves, commit to "one" and live pure and moral lives, both physically and mentally. A new phrase that is being added into Christian Vows at weddings is, "choosing you as my one and forsaking all others" I do promise! This is the Vow that will separate us from the rest, in the last days. as infidelity runs rampant!