Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I am quite a fan of David, even in the midst of his atrocities. I understand that we cannot just let sin go by, restitution for sin must be made, one way or another, but I still find it interesting that David goes after Joab and demands that Solomon not let his grey hair go down to the grave in peace, for the innocent blood that he (Joab) shed. It just seems a bit odd to me....think back with me years before, when Joab opened the letter, written by David, carried by the hand of Uriah himself, requesting Joab send Uriah to the front of the battle lines so Uriah would be killed. This was nothing less than cold blooded murder of an innocent man to cover up for David's impregnating Uriah's wife, while Uriah was out at war! This is the kind of drama and horror not even reality T.V. or movies can match. Not only is this a heinous sin, but David involves Joab in this murderous act. Joab must always live with this secret, that he was part of the murder of an innocent man, a good man. Perhaps this did something in Joab's Psyche?  Yes, years later, on his own accord, Joab takes the life of another innocent man, a good man, but it all started through his mentor, King David, who now wants Joab dead for his sin, but yet he, David, lived and was forgiven. We may commit heinous sins and then cry out to God for forgiveness and receive it too, and move on with our lives, as David did in the case of Bathsheba and Uriah, but there will always be lives that are scarred and affected, even though we move on, sometimes others, that were affected...don't. Joab lost something that day in himself, he lost any honor he had for his King but he also lost any honor he had for himself. I see father's and mother's committing heinous sins and what makes me angrier than anything is that they have tweens & teens that are being profoundly impacted by their decisions, by their sins. Years down the road they will cry, "why aren't my kids serving God"? Like David, they quickly forget their sins, while focusing on Joab's or their kids, their off spring. We all have offspring, whether that be spiritual or physical, that will be affected by our sins. Yes, we can be forgiven, but there will always be a Joab, that is damaged by our actions and never fully recovers and may one day find himself/herself in a very similar, if not identical sin, funny (or sad) how that works!