Friday, March 10, 2017


     WHY am I here is probably a common question we ask ourselves and God. Why am I here with these people, why am I here with this family, with this woman, with this man? Again, we see God acknowledging a man that has a different spirit than others. If you did not read yesterdays blog, go a head and read it. God says to Moses, "I will take the spirit that is upon you and put it on then".  And here again, God acknowledges this concept with another man; that man is Caleb.  "But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it."  Caleb basically serves God in the midst of a bunch of "malcontents" but yet chooses to have a different disposition, a different mind set, different spirit!   A new church, a new spouse, a new job, a new city, is our answer.  We say, " I have such a great disposition and this job, this  spouse, this church, this community is bringing me down".  TRUTH is, we choose to allow other people's funky spirit to bring us down. We give to much power and influence to other people over our lives, we allow other people's weaknesses to control us, control our moods, our temperament. We say, "this person, makes me miserable and not want to do anything!".  Caleb shows us that we can live in an external environment that is filled with negativity, live amongst a bunch of complainers and naysayers and yet still have "a different spiritand still have God's favor and still have the victory and still have a destiny in tact!  Our jobs, our spouses, our peers, co-workers, family and church members can only bring us down IF WE LET THEM.  The choice is yours, you can blame them for your moodiness and ill temper or you can choose not to let them and say, like Caleb, I choose to have a different spirit in the midst of a group of malcontents, whiners and complainers, I choose to be different, today!  And you can be sure, God will take notice!