Monday, March 13, 2017


We read about this Godly couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth, both our text is clear to tell us come from a Godly/Priestly, lineage. They are described as being a Godly COUPLE , righteous in God's eyes careful to obey all his commands. There is no greater blessing to the Church than a Godly couple. More often than not, you have a devout single mom, or a married woman coming on her own, serving God faithfully, while her husband stays home or you have the couple that comes out, the husband is devout and the wife is more interested in many other things, but the rare jewel of the Church and/or the Kingdom of God, is the Zechariah and Elizabeth or the Joseph and Mary. There is nothing more powerful and influential in the Church than a Godly couple, without sounding redundant. There is the situation where a couple comes into the Church and the other simply does not have that same passion, what can you do? However, how often single men and women are Christian Singles and have the opportunity to carefully pick their spouse to share their future with, their Godly future and how often, even having been in the church, even having the opportunity to pick someone that they can serve God with; they go out and pick a spouse that drains on them spiritually and does not share the same passion for the things of God. On the other hand I have seen young singles hold out for someone with a like minded spirit, or dated and discerned the person they were dating did not share that same passion, broke it off and waited for someone else, only to see a year later God bring that other person in and then just see the relationship bloom, marriage to take place and that couple to become a Godly COUPLE, righteous in God's eyes, to be used by God greatly and impact their Church and God's Kingdom, just like Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joseph and Mary, Aquilas and Priscilla and ____________.  Can you write you and your wife's name in there?  Are you single, still having the opportunity to choose right, choose carefully? Are you married and your spouse is passionate about God but you are holding them back? There are situations that because of decisions of the past, we have to make due with where we are at right now, make the best out of it and serve God to the best of our ability, with or without are spouse, or simply as a single brother and/or sister and Christ. However the challenge is for others, to have a vision of one day being, a Godly COUPLE, for Christ, for the Kingdom of God.  What are rare jewel they are and what a tremendous blessing they are to the Church, will you one day be, or can you today, be a Zechariah and Elizabeth?