Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I find great comfort, unfortunately at Moses' detriment, that an idea that turned out to be a " horrible" idea, was one that Moses gave his stamp of approval on. "This seemed like a good idea to me". This turns out to be a horrible idea and sends them back out into the desert for another 40 years. This coming from a man that God says He speaks face to face with. How did Moses miss God on this? Why didn't Moses override this idea and say, "we don't need spies we just need to go in and take the land as God has told us too! I'm sure Moses kicked himself for years for listening to the people and not having the discernment to snuff out this idea. "This seemed like a good idea to me". I have had those days, where I was off. Off on what I chose to say, off on what I chose to do, off on my reaction, off on my decision making and as a leader it only makes it worse. As a leader people are looking to you to make the right calls and there is very little room for Grace and Error when you are a leader. You can make 20 right decisions but people  will only remember the call that you missed and led them all into the wilderness. What a great responsibility that weighs upon leaders, so great that no man should ever want such responsibility and leadership, but also that no man would ever say "no" to God when He offers it too him. Had Moses vetoed this proposition they would have marched in and their lives would have been so different. The leader who does not carefully weigh out the ramifications of his decisions on the people he is leading, is not a leader. One thing we can certainly learn from one of the greatest leaders of all time (Moses) is that no leader leads perfectly and every leader, sooner or later is going to make "a bad call". It's inevitable, we must face that fact, but one it does come, hope that those you are leading have mercy with you and hope that you have grace with yourself and are able to move on because there's still a people to lead and you are still their leader, imperfect, as you are.