Friday, March 24, 2017


     Maybe I'm just in a somber mood this morning, but I was just overwhelmed with how depressing this scenario is and maybe that 's good.  I don't know how they did it? I can just imagine how many could not take this aimless wandering and left the group, went off on their own into the desert and probably died out in the wilderness.  Imagine knowing, you have no purpose but to wander in circles until you die.  They were going absolutely "nowhere", there was no final destination, no purpose, but to wander around aimlessly and die.  That's depressing!!!  This is still the curse of the unbeliever (for it was their unbelief that angered God and drove them out into the desert), whether inside the church or outside.  The curse of the "unbeliever" is still aimless wandering, purposeless living; without an end destination. If we are going to know God, we must seek God for the greatest benefit (on earth) of knowing God and that is living a life with purpose, with an end in sight, with a destination & purpose.  Many churches, businesses, corporations have "mission statements".   Do you have an individual mission statement? What is your purpose, your aim, where are you heading? Is your life running you or are you running your life? The curse to the unbeliever was to wander aimlessly until they died; therefore as believers, that should NEVER be our lot. Scripture after scripture will tell you that God has a destination, a purpose, an aim, for the believer and it is up to us to seek him and believe him for it. "For I know the thoughts that I have towards you, not to harm you, but to give you a plan"  "the steps of the good man are ordered by the lord"  "trust in the Lord and He will direct your path" scripture after scripture emphasizes that the antithesis of wandering is direction, purpose and an intended destination. You will notice in the reading today that as soon as the last person of that unbelieving generation dies, God says, "now let's get back on track, you have wandered around long enough, back to "the place of purpose, destination and blessing, move now in this direction, cross the Jordan and enter". Never is it God's will for people to wander aimlessly, it's a curse, it's judgment, it's not our portion as believers and we should never settle for aimless wandering.