Monday, March 6, 2017


It's hard to believe that such a hopeless, inspiring cult/sect had any influence whatsoever in Jesus' day.  The Sadducee's were a sect of decent influence and still are today. They are better known today as Jehovah Witnesses. They still like to mess with Jesus and his disciples, making pretension to be of some common accord; when in all reality, they could not be further from what Jesus was and is. Imagine standing there, trying to go head to head, with Jesus, The Resurrection himself. Jesus quickly explains away their error in their thinking, as "ignorance of the scriptures". I do feel bad for people who are caught up in cults such as Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses, but you will often find a common error; and that is they are ignorant of the scriptures.  The Sadducees falsely and ignorantly believed that their is no other life; that the souls ceists to exist upon death. Imagine having the nerve to approach Jesus, who came specifically to die and be raised from the dead, and argue with him about The Resurrection.  The apostle Paul has had to deal with these heretics in his epistles, arguing for the validity and importance of the resurrection. It is amazing how bold people can be who are completely ignorant. However, we as Christians are also becoming ignorant of the scriptures. We have a new generation of young people coming into the church who refuse to read. At home they have grown up just playing video games and the schools are more and more giving in to letting students watch the movie, rather than read the book.  However, what happens is when this generation comes into the church, they sit and remain ignorant and solely rely upon the preaching for their information on what Christianity and living for God, is about. This is a new phenomenon to The Church and only time will tell as to how the results will play out. I think it is safe to assume, that it will not be good. What should seep rat us from the Sadducee's, Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses is that we are not ignorant of the scriptures and that we remain a people of His Word, no matter what generation we are part of and this is what will spare us of being baited into cults and weird movements of heresy's that sweep through the church and send so many Christians off into a spiritual tizzy, never to really get back on track with a sound mind and clarity on the simplicity of The Gospel. It's about the Illuminati and all sorts of other diversions that CHRISTIANS get side tracked on and get totally side tracked from the simplicity of the Gospel. Are you ignorant of the scriptures? Are you trying to get through Christianity by watching movies and listening to audios? My college teachers used to warn the class, " you are not passing my course until, I know, that you know, this book, inside and out!"   And I believe that Jesus is speaking those same words to His Church today, know his book, don't be ignorant and deceived anymore!