Monday, March 20, 2017


I wrote a mini e-book, available on entitled “The Reality of God”.  How important it is that we have the ever and present Reality of God in our lives. How important it was back then, but even more, how important it is today. We can discuss all day long the significant aspects to all these offerings, but one thing we can say for sure, without speculation, is that it kept God, His purposes, His reality, at the forefront of the minds of His people. It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life and become distracted and lured away, from this relationship with this invisible God. In obeying these commands to have these frequent offerings, no matter how busy they were, this had to be done and it brought them constantly back to the place God wanted them. Today, we don’t have these laws, we don’t have these constant offerings, sacrifices, rituals, so what keeps God at the forefront of our minds? When Jesus describes the seeds (the Word of God) that the sower sows in the ground (the hearts of men) and how they are one by one snatched away, one of the ways the seeds are snatched away is by “the cares of this world”. Many people slip away from the church not because of “evil intentions” they simply allow the business of life to distract them away from their walk with God. They don’t hate God, haven’t turned against God, they are simply distracted. Should we re-engage these old rituals of constant sacrifices to help people re-connect and more important, stay connected with God? It’s almost as if the Old Testament people of God were “the children” and we are the New Testament people of God are they adults. The idea with children is that we have all these rules & regulations so that when they are out of the house , as adults they have formed habits and have a structure that will lead them on successfully in life. We are the “adult people of God now” many of the rules and regulations are gone now and God hopes that we have learned and will now as adult Christians, apply these ideas and concepts to our lives, and somewhat govern ourselves in our relationship with God. Paul writes, “work out your own salvation”.  For some this concept will work fine, for others, unfortunately it will work horribly.  For some, the freedom you have in college works for them, for others they cannot handle that much freedom and they fall apart and either end up getting kicked out of college or drop out voluntarily. One thing is for sure and one thing has not changed between the Old Testament and the New; and that is, that we need the ever and constant reality of God in our lives or we drift.  And it is up to us, as the adult people of God (so to speak) to figure out a way to have that. God does not govern and rule our lives anymore with constant sacrifices, but that doesn't mean the concept is gone, it is up to you, to reinvent, re-create this practice, daily and weekly in your life, so you don’t drift. You must contend for the ever and constant reality of God in your life, one way or another!