Monday, March 27, 2017


"But that is the time to be careful! Beware that in your plenty you do not forget The Lord your God"
This is ridiculous! Who would forget someone who has done so much for them? I thought it was the opposite, I thought we had to worry about people in the Church that are not doing well, that are not prospering. Now you're  telling me that we also have to worry about those that God is prospering? I could see how someone could leave the Church who felt like God let them down or wasn't doing enough for them (as spiritually immature as that might be), but I don't think that, as our scripture says, we need "to be careful" that those that are prospering, by the hand of God.....would actually stray from God. And if that be true (which obviously it is if God has said it) then I can't help wonder....Does Christianity contain in itself it's on ingredients for its demise? In other words, if the tendency is for Christians to prosper in their ways, can the very virtues (honesty, faithfulness, character, morals) that Christianity brings to a man/woman eventually destroy them? We have all seen this, the character that comes into the church, can't keep a job, you couldn't trust him with his grandmother's prescription meds, all of a sudden he's keeping a job, has the most integrity at work, is faithful and begins to be noticed by the boss. Next thing you know he's being promoted, getting raises and prospering and as he prospers he becomes less and less interested in church and more interested in his new acquaintances and the new pleasures his income now affords him and he forgets (yes he forgets just like the scripture warned) who it was that picked him up and put him where he is. Hard to beleive, yes, but yet it happens all the time. I almost wished that God would not prosper his people, but of course that's not the answer. The answer is simply what God has said, "be careful when you prosper and don't forget The Lord thy God who brought you out...." Some people are simply users. I don't believe that all people come into the Church with a planned purpose to use the Church and God, but regardless, whether it was planned or not, that is the end result. Some of the people I have given the most to have left the church once they got all they needed, never to hear from them again. This gives me a new respect for Christians who are truly prosperous and successful in the world, but yet you see them Sunday after Sunday, whole heartedly serving God as if they needed Him for every last thing and penny. I wonder how many CHRISTIANS can really be trusted with prosperity and success, without turning on and forgetting the one who prospered them. My guess is, probably not many and that's why we see so few. Question is, are you one of them that God could trust? And of course your answer is...Yes, Yes, Me, Me!! But only God truly knows the answer to that!