Monday, March 13, 2017


     God in the Old Testament reminds me of a parent with young children.  The constantly argue and squabble and mom and/or dad spends most of those early days settling disputes amongst the children. The children learn to depend and expect that mom or dad is going to settle the dispute, make a judgment of who is right and who is wrong and then discipline the guilty party. There is immediate intervention and immediate judgment when we are young.  I liked the God of the Old Testament, how about you?  There's squabbling and fighting against Aaron and God intervenes, shows them who's right and who's wrong, who's side He is on and the matter is settled. God is continuously intervening in their lives and settling disputes as the parent(s) of young children.  My children are at a stage now where I hear the arguments and squabbling and more often than not I stay out of it, they need to start learning how to resolve conflict themselves.  There is just as much conflict "in the camp" in the New Testament as there was in the Old Testament and I often wish that the God of the Old Testament would intervene, show who's right and who's wrong and bring judgment.  Honestly, many church splits and much church conflict could be saved if God intervened today like he used to in the Old Testament. Does he not care anymore? Do I not care anymore about my children? The New Testament is not just a move towards a New Covenant but also a move towards Spiritual Maturity.  In essence God is saying "work it out". He's given us the helper (the Holy Spirit) and He says "work it out". Are you in a situation where you are waiting for some supernatural  intervention from God, it may not come, the matter may just be getting worse, and as the Psalmist cried, "where are you God, why don't you hear me" God may say, "I do hear you," just as I hear my children, and God is saying, "you work it out".  The New Testatment is not just a New Covenant but it is a call to Spiritual Maturity with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Are you spiritually mature or a you waiting for God to intervene and settling everything for you in your little squabbles and sometimes large ones, but he just may hear, but not respond!