Thursday, March 23, 2017


     VERSE 22, "Then ALL OF YOU (that was a red flag right there) came to me and said, "let us send men ahead to spy out the land for us and bring back a report about the route we are to take and the towns we will come to".  I'm not so sure this sneak preview was so much about "scouting for a route", this scouting venture is purposely phrased to Moses, not to let out a hint of negativity, it's all positive.  They make sure to say to Moses the "right words", they make sure not to allude in any way that this spying out the land is really to see if the rumors they have heard are true (giants in the land) and if they are, there's no way....but none of that is mentioned to Moses. I believe Moses was manipulated here. Why would God allow Moses to be manipulated? Notice Moses doesn't tell the people, "I'll seek God get back to you on this" as he usually did.  Moses now is trying to be nice, he's believing the best in people, trusting that their motives are pure, and based on how it was presented to him he says, "The idea seemed good to me". As leaders we really do want to believe the best about people and their motives but we are also called to know "human nature" and go with our instinct and lead how God has called us to and how God is leading. The 1st problem here is this idea did not come from God and neither did this idea come from Moses.  It is not to say that other than Leaders, nobody has any good ideas, but the fact of the matter is, Leaders are leaders because they have the vision, the instinct and end result in mind. Most people have their interest in mind, first and foremost, "self preservation".  No war would have ever been won in America's history had Generals and Leaders sat and listened to the suggestions of the troops that would actually die in bringing about that victory. Moses has a mission, a vision; to bring the Israelites into the promised land. The individual Israelite has a different mission, it's "self preservation" and self interest.  Paul says when he received his vision, he did not consult with flesh and blood" but he simply took his marching orders and executed those as a good soldier. Leaders may seem arrogant at times, but a true leader knows where he is going, knows the end in sight, is consulting others with knowledge and perspective and really has little room for suggestions from troops on the ground when he has an aerial view (so to speak) of the situation/ministry or mission at hand.  Leaders are not called to be nice, they are called to lead.  Are you a leader?  Do you find yourself being manipulated by others to be "nice" rather than Lead.  Are you a follower that is trying to manipulate your leader to follow your agenda, are your motives pure? Is what you say to your leader really what you are saying or is their a hidden agenda? Moses fell for this, but in the end, everyone lost. There is no winner when followers won't let their leaders lead and leaders will not step up and take the lead. This situation is a DISASTER in Israel's history, it is one of their darkest moments. That generation never enters into the promised land. Had Moses stepped it up, sought God on this he could have returned to them the following day and said, "thanks for the idea, but we don't need to go spy out the land, I've already spoke with God, I have the mind of God on this, nobody needs to see nothing in advance, I've got my marching orders from God, we will all get to see it tomorrow when WE CONQUER IT, see you in the morning!". How different things could have been.....let's learn and not repeat the same mistake.